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August 4, 2021 -The Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture Presents: The Importance Of Operations Metrics In Building Sustainable Farms

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A Panel Composed of the Center's 'Best In Class' Manufacturer Award Finalists & Investment Thought Leaders

Moderated by Dr Eric W. Stein, PH.D., Executive Director of the Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture and Associate Professor of Business at Penn State our panel includes:
Panelists include Production System and Lighting Award Finalists & Moderated by Dr Eric W. Stein, PH.D., Executive Director of the Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture and Associate Professor of Business at Penn State our panel includes: BEST IN CLASS WINNERS (to be announced during the session!)
Chris Higgins, President & Co-Founder, HortAmericas
Andew Howell, Vice President of Sustainable Food & Agriculture, Ceres Partners
They will discuss:
-How to build sustainable Triple Bottom Line farm operations
-The importance of operations management, benchmarking, and continuous improvement to support sustainable indoor farming
-The importance of recognizing operations excellence, the purpose of Best in Class awards and their role in promoting farm metrics
-How metrics can contribute to future investment in indoor ag
-Ways to build indoor farms that can achieve long-term sustainable economic results while supporting job creation, workforce development and environmental goals.
-And much more!

Panelists include Production System and Lighting Award Finalists Who Will Be Announced During the Program!

May 26, 2021 --Agritecture Presents: Stop the Greenwashing: Best Practices For Communicating The Sustainability of Vertical Farming

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Agritecture Presents: Stop the Greenwashing | Best Practices For Communicating Sustainability

Despite a decade of innovation and funding in vertical farming, many businesses do not communicate accurate information about the sustainability of their technology or operations.

Whether it's unsubstantiated claims of water savings, carbon reduction, circularity, or overall sustainability, many companies do not avoid greenwashing in their marketing.

This panel will explore the best practices for communicating and reporting on sustainability with the hopes of encouraging the industry to mature.

May 26 2021 | 10 am EDT

Henry Gordon-Smith, Founder & CEO, Agritecture

Sam Norton, Founder, Heron Farms

Sara Segergren, Project Portfolio Leader, Sustainability Innovation and Development, Ingka Group | IKEA

Lisa Causarano, International Account Manager—Global Strategic Accounts, CPG Segment, Schneider Electric.

April 28, 2021 -- How I Did It | Farmbox Greens

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Fireside Chat- How I Did It Farmbox Greens

In 2010, Dan Albert began laying the groundwork for what would become Farmbox Greens, a Seattle-based vertical farm growing specialty produce for retail and food service customers. In 2016, Farmbox was acquired by a regional produce company and Dan went on to scale Farmbox to serve customers in the Northwest and beyond

Join us for a fun “Fireside Chat” as Indoor Ag-Con’s Content Chair Jim Pantaleo sits down with Dan Albert to discuss this great success story—from the farm’s early days to those first meetings with potential restaurant customers to making the connection with Charlie’s Produce. Jim and Dan will also talk about Dan’s newest role as Vice President of Plant Performance with Unfold.

April 28, 2021 | 2 pm EDT

Fireside Chat with :
Dan Albert, Founder of Farmbox Greens and currently Vice President of Plant Performance, Unfold and Jim Pantaleo, Indoor Vertical Farm Advisor and Indoor Ag-Con Content Chair

March 24, 2021 -- Airing It Out: Creating & Maintaining A Clean Production Room Environment

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You won't want to miss our March session where we'll talk about creating a healthy environment for people and plants.

Dr. Nadia Sabeh, PhD, President|Founder, Dr. Greenhouse

Trent Thiel, Industrial Molecular Filtration Product Manager for North and South America, Camfil Americas
Jeremy Shechter, Director of Cultivation, Buckeye Relief
Brian Anderson, Principal & Co-Founder, Anderson Porter Design

March 24, 2021 at 2 pm EST

These experts will touch on air filtration; sanitation best practices; Covid safey and much more more.

February 17, 2021 -- Hiring For Indoor Vertical Farming: Human Resources in 2021

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Vertical Farm Industry Leaders Discuss Human Resources and Hiring for 2021

During this insightful session, our panel will touch on some of the hot areas of hiring in the Indoor Vertical Farming market today, including:

• Disciplines Hiring Manager are Seeking (computer science, A/I, robotics, engineering, etc)

• Expansion and Hiring Regions

• Covid safety

• How Academia can help w/the Farmers of the Future (or Next Gen Farmers)


Tim Hammerich, Senior Director for Strategic Communications, Cogent Consulting and creator |host of “Future of Agriculture” podcast

Feb. 17, 2021 | 2 pm EDT

Panelists include :
Brac Webb, Co-founder and CTO/COO, Fifth Season, Powered By Robotany
Keri Gasiorowski, Chief Human Resources Officer , Kalera Inc.
MaryAlice Feinstein , Chief People Officer, People Operations, AeroFarms

January 21, 2021-- AI & Robotics: What's Economically Feasible

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CEO Panel Discusses the Latest Developments in AI & Robotics.

Speakers include:
Dr. Murat Kacira, Director of the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center and Professor of Biosystems Engineering Department, University of Arizona
Adam Greenberg, CEO, iUNU
Samuel Bertram, CEO & Co-Founder, OnePointOne
Nick Genty, CEO, AgEye Technologies

January 21, 2021 at 2 pm EST

December 9 -- How & Where To Site Your Indoor Farm

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Expert Panel Discusses Key Factors To Consider When Securing A Location For Your Operation, Including:

• Consideration and determination of critical municipal requirements when siting an indoor vertical farm (zoning laws, water/energy sources)
• How renewable energy, like solar and wind, is being incorporated into current indoor farming operations
• Are vacant former retail facilities viable options for indoor vertical farms and if so, what are the key steps in acquiring such buildings
• How to site an indoor farm within an existing and operational building
• Critical areas to consider when investigating a building to be used as an indoor vertical farm

December 9, 2020 at 2 pm EST

November 11-- ASTA Presents: Seeds of the Future

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American Seed Trade Association Presents: Seeds Of The Future

From breeding projects to technology to genetic innovation, our panel will talk about how the seed sector is addressing opportunities and challenges indoor agriculture offers.

November 11, 2020 at 2 pm EST

November 4-- Aquaponics Association Presents: The Latest Developments In Aquaponics

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Aquaponics Association Presents: Latest Developments In Aquaponics

Take a deep dive into the latest trends, techniques and business-building opportunities aquaponics offers!

November 4, 2020 at 2 pm EST

October 29-- Building Sustainable Triple Bottom Line Farms

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Building Sustainable Triple Bottom Line Farms

Presented by the Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture, this panel will take a deep dive into the concept of the Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet and Profits.

October 29, 2020 at 2 pm EST

Moderated by Eric W. Stein, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture and Associate Professor of Business at Penn State . Panelists include: Dave Nichols, Director of Strategy, AppHarvest and Alexander Rudnicki, Senior Project Manager/Plant Manager, Aerofarms

October 21-- Why Does Greenhouse Equipment Need To Be Simple

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Why Does Greenhouse Equipment Need To Be Simple?

What is the number one thing to look for in commercial horticulture and agriculture equipment? Simplicity.Regardless of the product or the product category the best-selling and most successfully used products are easy to learn, easy to use and easy to fix. But, this is not to say that they are actually simple. They are usually far from that. But, they are engineered with simplicity in mind.

October 21, 2020 at 2 pm EST

Moderated by Chris Higgins, President & General Manager, Hort Americas LLC & Owner, UrbanAgNews. Panelists:

Panelists: Paul Brentlinger, President, Crop King Inc.; Dr. Nadia Sabeh, President & Founder, Dr. Greenhouse Isaac Van Geest, Sales, Zwart Systems

October 7-- Association For Vertical Farming Presents: Harnessing the Growing Synergy Between Space Farming & Terrestrial Indoor Agriculture

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Association For Vertical Farming Presents: Harnessing the Growing Synergy Between Space Farming & Terrestrial Indoor Agriculture

Indoor Ag-Con is delighted to partner with the Association for Vertical Farming, the global, non-profit organisation that enables international exchange and cooperation in order to accelerate the development of the indoor/vertical farming industry

October 7, 2020 at 2 pm EST

Moderated by Dr. Joel Cuello, University of Arizona, the panel includes Dr. Gary Stutte, President, SyNRGE; Dr. David Bubenheim, NASA Ames Research Center and Ralph Fritsche, NASA Space Crop Production Manager

September 16-- Greenhouse Grower Presents: Women in Agriculture

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Greenhouse Grower Presents: Women In Agriculture Panel

This session is hosted by Greenhouse Grower and, which represent the best interests of the commercial controlled environment growing industry with a focus on the knowledge and tools to sustain and enhance the sector’s vitality and profitable growth.

September 16, 2020 at 2 pm EST

September 9-- CEA Food Safety Coalition Presents: Food Safety Challenges & Opportunities Unique to CEA

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The CEA Food Safety Coalition Presents: Food Safety Opportunities & Challenges Unique to Controlled Environment Agriculture

The session is being hosted by The CEA Food Safety Coalition. This is an independent and member-governed organization whose membership is comprised of controlled environment leafy greens growers who subject their production processes to external audit. Its goal is to keep people safe from foodborne illness.

September 9, 2020 at 2 pm EST

The Coalition was established to develop credible, strong, and appropriate food safety standards; educate consumers and regulators on controlled environment growing; and communicate the value of controlled environment agriculture.

August 19 -- FarmTech Society Presents : Farming In The Future -- Educating The Next Generation To Make CEA Scalable

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FarmTech Society Presents: Farming in the Future: Educating the Next Generation to Make CEA Scalable

As the CEA industry grows, companies are facing greater shortages in qualified talent. How can innovation in training and education accelerate the industry to the benefit of all?

August 19, 2020 at 2 pm EST

We are pleased to partner with Farm Tech Society (FTS) for this forward-looking session! The Farm Tech Society (FTS) is an international non-profit industry association that unites and supports the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry, seeking to strengthen the sector through the development and implementation of resilient and future proof methods and technologies for indoor growing.

August 12 -- Hydroponic Seedling Propagation

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Hydroponic Seedling Propagation

From “best in class” techniques to current technology advances join this expert panel as they take a deep dive into hydroponic seedling propagation

August 12, 2020 at 2 pm EST

Moderated by Joe Swartz, Vice President, AmHydro, our panel includes John Jackson, CEO, Sustainable Indoor Growing Systems, Inc (SIGS); Dr. Vijay Rapaka, Ph.D, Corporate Research Manager, Smithers-Oasis; and Nick Green, Founder | Agriculture Specialist, Nick Green Grow team

Past Webinar July 22 -- How To Get An Indoor Farm Up & Running

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How To Get An Indoor Farm Up & Running

Whether you’re just starting out or looking for fresh new ideas to bolster your current operation, our expert CEO panel will offer a wealth of business-building ideas to get your farm going and growing.

Held July 22, 2020 at 2 pm EST

Moderated by Claire Kinlaw, Director Innovation Commercialization, The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, this expert panel includes Milan Kluko, CEO, Artesian Farms, LLC; Daniel Malechuk, CEO, Kalera; and Nona Yehia, CEO & Co-Founder, Vertical Harvest

Past Webinar -- July 8, 2020 -- AeroFarms: Helping Solve Agriculture Supply Chain Needs Around The World

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AeroFarms: Helping Solve Agriculture Supply Chain Needs Around The World

Learn about the latest developments from AeroFarms, recognized by Fast Company as one of the Most Innovative Companies in the World and Best Invention by Time Magazine.

July 8, 2020 at 2 pm EST

Moderated by Marc Oshima, Co-Founder & CMO of AeroFarms, the AeroFarms panel includes: Megan DeYoung, Director Business Development Strategic Partnerships; Roger Buelow, CTO; Stacy Kimmel VP R&D; and Charlie Wang SVP Corporate Development

Past Webinar -- June 24, 2020 - Megatrends In Outdoor Growing

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Agritecture Presents: Megatrends In Indoor Growing

Hosted by Agritecture Consulting, this panel discussion will cover megatrends in food, agtech, and vertical farming.

Held Wednesday, June 24, 2020 @ 2 pm EST

Moderated by Agritecture Founder & CEO Henry Gordon-Smith, this expert panel discussion will cover megatrends in food, agtech, and vertical farming. Panelists include Menachem Katz, Food Industry Expert & Former Head of WeWork Food Labs; Lauren Carter, Engagement Advisor, Invest4Climate, United Nations Development Programme|UNDP and Don Davidson, Packaging Specialist + Agri-Food Tech Market Development , 3M

Past Webinar -- June 3, 2020 - Produce Trends & Indoor Grower Business Opportunities

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United Fresh Presents: Produce Trends & Business Opportunities For Indoor Growers Emerging From Covid-19 Pandemic

Join dynamic panel of industry leaders talking about the unprecedented challenges and opportunities we’re facing today
United Fresh Kicks Off Indoor Ag-Conversations Webinar Series
Indoor Ag-Conversations United Fresh Panelists

Held Wednesday, June 3, 2020 | 4 PM EST

Moderated by Tom Stenzel, President & CEO, United Fresh Produce Association with panelists Alex DiNovo, President & COO, DNO Produce; Paul Lightfoot, CEO & Founder, BrightFarms; and Victor Verlage, Senior Director of Agriculture Strategy Development, Walmart.

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