Nicolas Bery is the Co-Founder of Cricket Lab, manufacturer of sustainable and innovative source of protein from insects.
Passionate about food and travel, he left France after completing studies in business and management. First in Australia where he experienced different farming techniques, he eventually came across insects as food during his time in South East Asia. After some research and a few meetings with farmers and academics, the idea of developing an alternative source of protein from insects was born. The company was founded in 2014 and is now exporting his products all over the world, mainly in North America and Europe.
Working closely with locals, Eco Insect Farming was the first company in Thailand to receive FDA and GMP certification in Insect processing. He also pushed the government to implement Good Agricultural Practice for Insect Farming in Thailand that is now the first quality certification in Insect Farming.
After 3 years running an Edible insect company in Thailand, he has experience in every aspect of the business, from farming to processing, and logistics to export in EU, USA and rest of the world.
He works closely with different experts in Europe and USA to offer expertise in all aspects of the edible insect industry.
Bery Consulting can help you source Insects, start an Edible Insect project or simply have more information on the market.
In parallel, he is preparing a new project in the edible insect market that should launch before the end of 2018. More information will be available soon.

See Nicolas speak at Indoor Ag-Con Asia on January 16-17