Born the child of a grower in England, Tim was himself cultivated into the greenhouse industry. In his mind’s eye he recalls in a flash how greenhouses moved from basic hose pipe to computerized watering systems, with an acute memory of plants being tenderly hand watered from old milk bottles. Tim’s Father grew tomatoes, lettuce, celery, & flowers spawning his son’s interest in the mysterious nightshades from a very early age. So, it only seemed natural Tim would study Glass House production at University. Upon graduation, Tim started his career growing tomatoes & herbs for Van Heyningen Brothers in England, who at the time were the largest tomato growers in Europe. After this, Tim honed his craft growing Sweet Bell Peppers at Tangmere Nursery in England. In 1996, Tim immigrated to the US to work for Eurofresh Farms as their Senior Grower. Tim joined Village Farms as Vice President of Production in 2006, and more recently has found himself in the newly appointed role as Vice President of Applied Research & Asset Development. For the last 3 years, Tim has been engaged with Village Farms’ GATES proprietary technology extreme growing greenhouse located in the harsh climate of the Permian Basin in Texas. Tim has been at the forefront of the ever increasing technical demands for tomato crops and the evolution of growing specialty varieties in challenging climates. Tim has seen the greenhouse industry change considerably from a time when venting was installed by hand to controlled environments where there are none. In his opinion the later is the wave of the future for the assurance of a safe and secure food supply while meeting the demands of a growing global population.

See Tim speak at the 5th Annual Indoor Ag-Con on May 3-4, 2017