Raised in Westland, the center of horticulture in the Netherlands. After spending around seven years in horticulture and having gained experience in horticultural lighting, climate control and irrigation management, Erik joined Certhon to become responsible for the sales and development related to Certhon’s growth chambers.

About Certhon
Certhon is a Dutch company active as a designer and builder of greenhouses, growth chambers and technical installations for international horticulture. Thanks to our innovative focus, we are a system integrator anywhere in the world where horticulture solutions are required. There is great know-how and expertise available at Certhon. This expertise goes all the way back to 1896, so that we have experienced all possible developments in international horticulture over more than a century. In many cases, we were responsible: Certhon has a reputation as a company that invests a great deal in research and development.

What we offer is the quality and inventiveness that has made the Netherlands an important horticultural nation. And we live up to our promise to be able to provide complete horticultural construction projects all over the world, based on local conditions. Our solutions are optimum from various points of view: from technical and economic, to sustainable. They are realized by a company that operates as a dedicated partner, from the first clear advice up to and including perfect after-sales service and remote monitoring of critical operating processes. More than 100 specialists are at your disposal, based at the Certhon head offices in the Westland region.

See Erik speak at the 6th Annual Indoor Ag-Con on May 2-3, 2018