Have a view on container farms? Share it and appear in our newest white paper!

Newbean Capital, a registered investment adviser that is the host of Indoor Ag-Con, has authored seven white papers on the indoor agriculture industry. We release a new one at each Indoor Ag-Con event; participants receive an exclusive hard copy in their gift bags, and we have also shared much of our work – which represents more than a $100,000 investment in the indoor agriculture industry – for free download at our website. Our research has been downloaded more than 8,000 times, has appeared in numerous SEC filings, and has been used by myriad companies as a part of their fundraising documents.

Our next white paper is on container farming, and will be released at Indoor Ag-Con Asia on January 16, 2018. Its focus will be on the rationale for container farming, as well as the market scope, players, economics and criticisms of the practice.

We welcome your input into the paper, and are especially interested in your opinions on:
-What was the determining factor in your choice of a container farm over other forms of indoor farming?
-If you have stopped container farming, why was that?
-Which crops have you found work best in your container farm?
-Is your container farm profitable?
-Which education or research on container farming have been most helpful to you?
-What changes do you expect to see over the next few years in the container farming industry?
-What features would you like to see in container farms that are not currently available?

Here’s the form in which to submit your opinions:

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