Meet Our Indoor Ag-Ignite Finalists

Indoor Ag-Ignite is a pitch competition through which indoor agriculture startups globally can win S$50,000 from Enterprise Singapore and substrates and technical advice from Smithers Oasis.

IndoorAg-Ignite finalists for the 2018 IndoorAgCon Asia conference hosted at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Finalist pictured here is Protenga. Photo by Tiffany L. Clark

After a competitive first round pitch, our judges selected five finalists who will pitch at Indoor Ag-Con Asia on January 15, 2019. We’re looking forward to hearing from them and hope that you’ll join us at the event!

~ AlgaHealth
AlgaHealth is developing new microalgal strains as sources for fucoxanthin superfoods, a better option than current seaweed-based fucoxanthin products on the market. AlgaHealth developed novel cultivation and processing protocols that will produce large quantities of natural, high-quality fucoxanthin. Their microalgae is cultivated indoors in semi-closed cultivation systems, using unique wavelength restricted LED lighting schedules, controlled temperatures, and sterile CO2 enriched air pressure injections controlled by pH sensors and electronic solenoids, which allow for year-round, sustainable production processes, and contaminant-free products. The company will develop and produce polysaccharides as a by-product, providing a second source of novel, high-value microalgal products. AlgaHealth produced three different fucoxanthin-based prototypes; algal powder containing 1% fucoxanthin, and two types of oleoresins containing 10% fucoxanthin.

] Biteback
Biteback is an Insect Bio-refinery company aiming to meet an increasing global demand for palm oil by creating a healthier and more sustainable alternative with 40 times more yield per ha We develop a processing technology that allow us extracting more than 90% of fats of insect body mass and refining them into various functional ingredient like cooking oil, butter, fatty alcohol, and bioenergy. Darkling beetle larvae (Zophobas morio) reproduce so rapidly that outdo palm oil in yield by up to 40 times within the same area of land, can be scaled vertically, and fed by using biomass from agro-industry waste streams. The fatty acid properties posses an advantageous combination of rich in unsaturated fats and healthy fats including omega-3, 6, and 9. Beside selling ingredients for industry we see there is an opportunity of our technology could be implemented as add-ons operations to existing/larger insect company or as stand alone business as a larger insect supply chain in the region.

$ Farmers Cut GmbH
Farmers Cut mission is delivering tasty, fresh, nutrient rich leafy greens to neighboring customers in cities. ‘All we want is paradise’, the mantra of many city dwellers as they want to enjoy the amenities of cities but with a green touch. We created ‘Harvest on Demand` salads and leafy greens, never washed or refrigerated remaining on the root until very last moment of consumption. To achieve this we created a new grow method: Dryponics©️. This grow method allows for fast, ultra clean, nutrient rich growth of greens. Next to a superior grow method we needed to define the most energy efficient process in vertical indoor farming in order to convert 1Kw/h into an optimal mix of nutrients, taste, weight. Farmers Cut proves to control the climate meticulously. CO2, Temp, rH and air-flow are identical on any layer leading to identical grow conditions. Our farms are designed to scale. Up to 14ha of grow space on 1/2ha of land will allow for a profitable and sustainable business.

GROWER Agritech is a Singapore incorporated company with its management, agritech science team and executives from Singapore and Thailand. Our flag- ship project – Truffle Vertical Farm (TVF) – is a revolutionary technology to cultivate in- vitro, truffles species, indoor. GROWER Agritech has pioneered a revolutionary indoor TVF process that cultivates Truffle mycelium; replicates the mycorrhizal network in the soil, thus encourages Truffle meiospores to successfully Mate & develop into Truffle Fruiting bodies.

% Growflux
GrowFlux is a developer of connected horticulture lighting controls and manufacturer of subscription based microclimate sensors for indoor agriculture. Our goal is to deliver light to crops only when plants are efficiently photosynthesizing. The Precision PAR Control Stack, our horticulture lighting control solution, is the industry’s only industrial IoT solution developed specifically for spectrum tunable horticulture lighting at scale, and will be available with a variety of lighting manufacturers in 2019.

Our sensors detect plant response and the conditions around the canopy which indicate healthy transpiration and photosynthesis; when our platform determines a crop is not efficiently photosynthesizing, PAR light levels are reduced until the crop is able to efficiently use photons. These feedback loops are deployed within a daily light interval (DLI) control algorithm to ensure crops are receiving an optimal amount of light each day, and can optionally include CO2 supplementation and natural light, both of which can significantly reduce the amount of supplemental light delivered.

Join Us at Indoor Ag-Con Asia on January 15-16, 2019


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