Brian Lanes, Consultant



Brian Lanes is an opportunity scout and catalyst with 40+ years of consulting and business development experience.  Brian works with early movers, innovative thinkers, and intrepid leaders who seek to devote their resources to tackling some of the core problems facing us today.

Brian co-founded Wintergreen Partners in 1991, developing strategic alliances and a global network of people and their companies to best serve common areas of interest.  The primary areas of focus of Wintergreen include food-energy-water; health care-med/tech and areas where social capital influence global change.

Brian’s business career includes over 15 years in sales, consulting and distribution for Standard Process, the world’s first (1929) company to make whole food supplements.  After he sold his business interests in 1997, Brian traveled across the U.S. and Europe as a business consultant.  In 2013, Brian joined PlantLab, a Dutch plant science and engineering company that builds and operates indoor farms.  His role with PlantLab included opening up their U.S. market presence and to pursue opportunities for long-term growth from customers, markets, and relationships. 

Brian’s current consulting work includes business development for renewable energy microgrid deployment, strategic planning for a company focused on the neuroscience of sleep and the impact on human health and performance, and in the indoor farming sector from the perspective of secondary compounds. 

Brian lives in Berkeley, CA along with his wife Sandra.  Together, they now enjoy a simple lifestyle, that includes as much time with their granddaughter as they can wrangle.