A’laric OVerbey, The F.A.R.M.


Alaric_overbey_CEO_The_FARMA’laric Overbey is CEO of Food Access and Reclamation Model (The F.A.R.M.), a company that is designed to recapture the food industry for community development and advancement. What it does for communities is bring quality food that is “beyond organic”, in urban city areas that are currently being replaced by food swamps and convenience stores providing sub-par food, reducing its nutritional value. 

The F.A.R.M. is supported by over 15 years of managing and developing complex solutions for robust data centers by optimizing resources and reducing waste, increasing revenue and discovering revenue while delivering the required deliverable to the stakeholders.

The F.A.R.M. is a start-up company, providing clients with vertical farming consultation, design, installation and maintenance. The F.A.R.M. will utilize independent contractors in the first year to support manpower needs and add permanent employees as the business expands.

A’laric Overbey is a proactive organizer who has taken on the challenge of food equality by redeveloping the lives in the community through agriculture, hope, technology and vision. With an IT background extending back 20 years, A’laric has stayed ahead of the curb in technology optimization and innovation which has kept him relevant in an ever-changing market. One critical lesson that he learned early on that being first is not always the best and technology is about timing.

A’laric’s track record with establishing relationships and introducing the vertical farming solution has drawn the attention of major decision makers who have captured the vision along with him. These decision makers are also passionate about our food disparities and recognize the importance of leveling the playing field as it relates to the accessibility of quality produce.

In 2015, while working for Rackspace, A’laric was approached by an entrepreneur and offered a VP of Business Development role for the first vertical farm company in Dallas; Dallas Urban Farms.  A building was leased in a section of downtown called Deep Ellum, a historical place for innovation and entertainment in the city. 

Within the first 90 days of assuming the position, leveraging his extensive network and marketing expertise, A’laric secured a quarter million dollars in business from the city and school districts as official vendors.  He also presented as a featured speaker for events such as Earth Day Texas and the Festival of Ideas, headlining alongside notable leaders such as TD Jakes, Trammel Crowe and Russel Simmons as an expert in urban farming innovations and technology.  Working with companies like Aptar and Rackspace has given A’laric’ a broad and refined skillset for solutions to social and economic gaps that have a financial and negative impact on society.

The company was approached by Marc Cuban Companies in 2016. An offer was extended and accepted for 25k for a 20% stake in the company.  From there they built a rooftop farm with the training of Tim Blanks and Bret Brolin of Future Growing and Disney’s Epcot Center -The Land, the longest hydroponic farm in the world.  From that rooftop they were growing over 600 plants in a 15×20 square foot rooftop.

In 2016, A’laric took a leap of faith and created Vertical Life Farms from his earnings with Dallas Urban Farms and opened up the first indoor vertical showroom in Dallas.  He was able to secure a 4,500 square foot building where he built an indoor farm, yoga studio and art gallery.  Not soon after setting up Vertical Life Farms, he was asked to come to Las Vegas and explore the possibility of vertical farming being a more effective resource there.  He approached the challenge as an opportunity to showcase vertical farming in the desert, in the most famous entertainment location in the world.  With over 4 million visitors a year and the importing of 98% of the state’s fruits and vegetables, the demand is extremely high with a very low supply. (Only 2-5% of produce is grown locally) So this highlighted opportunity and a platform to display the feasibility of vertical farming as a solution for food access in urban cities.

Las Vegas is home to 5 of the top restaurants in the world. They prefer to use local produce because they believe it is cleaner and safer.  This creates an opportunity for The F.A.R.M.  to become the first concierge service farm to partner with local restaurants and grocery chains.  In October 2018, The F.A.R.M. was able to secure a lease for a 625 square foot space in the Neoapolis development on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. The F.A.R.M. is creating the first beta “grocery farm” model in the world where the farm and the grocery store become one in the same. Being positioned in an area where over 4 million people visit, all have an opportunity to see the display while passing by.

The F.A.R.M. is positioning ourselves in the market as a vertical farming and related technology company designed to be proactive in responding to the changes in the food distribution and growing market. Our strategy includes key company acquisitions that will further solidify our position as a leader.  A’laric’s relationship with Foody Towers and its CEO has created an opportunity to acquire this existing business, its current revenue, trademark, inventory and distribution rights from the manufacturer overseas.  The combination of our niche in the market, our technology and our relationships in the food and agriculture community, ensures that The F.A.R.M. will grow into one the most advanced agriculture companies in the world.