Andrew Blume, inHouse Produce


Andrew_Blume_Indoor_ProduceAndrew has had a lifelong interest in where his food comes from. At 5 years old, Andrew decided he didn’t like the idea of eating animals, became a vegetarian, and has never looked back. In fall of 2015, Andrew found a way to combine his passion for sustainably sourced food with his career through volunteer work with the Association for Vertical Farming; and eventually through paid industry positions.

On his modern farming journey, Andrew has engaged with many notable organizations including Microsoft, Philips, Ikea, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Southern Company, Square Roots, LACI, Plenty, and Aerofarms. Andrew now conducts his agtech practice inHouse Produce, an indoor agtech company focused on reimagining the farm-to-table experience.

Andrew is an Al Gore-trained climate speaker who is hungry to continue learning and best position himself to foster: green jobs, healthy local food, sustainable best practices, and resilient cities.