Indoor Ag Seed Breeding Insights With Michelle Klieger, Stratagerm

Michelle Klieger, founder of Stratagerm Consulting, helps indoor growers maximize their seed potential by improving their seed programs.  During the May 22-24, 2019 edition of Indoor Ag-Con Las Vegas, Michelle will moderate our Seed Breeding For Indoor Ag  discussion from 3-4:30 pm on Wednesday, May 22 with panelists Dr. Gene Giacomelli, Controlled Environment Agriculture Center, University of Arizona; Stacy Davis, Germains Seed Technology, and Aaron Crawford, Bayer Crop Science.

We caught up with her to learn a little more about the session,  how she’s helping to facilitate communication between indoor growers  and seed companies and her thoughts around today’s indoor ag challenges and opportunities.

Q: How does Stratagerm Consulting help indoor growers?

A: I am the founder of Stratagerm Consulting. I officially launched the company last year. I help indoor growers maximize their seed potential by improving their seed program through seed selection, trials, understanding seed industry jargon, and storing seeds correctly. Through this process, growers can maximize output and produce vegetables that demand a higher price.

Q: Share 2-3 key points you plan to cover during your Indoor Ag-Con presentation

A: I help translate the seed industry for indoor farmers and provide unique insight into indoor operations for seed companies. As the moderator for the seed breeding panel, I want to make sure that the audience understands what these companies are saying and why it matters. I can also use my experience working with indoor farmers to pose questions to the seed companies that might get missed in their presentations.

Q:  What do you think is the most pressing challenge in the indoor agriculture sector today and how are you/your company addressing it

A: Profitability. Indoor farming is trying to be more sustainable. They are producing vegetables close to consumers. They are using less water and fewer inputs. However, land and energy costs are still high.  Eventually, being profitable will be important. Once a company determines its environment, selecting seeds that will perform well in that environment will help increase yield or the quality of the produce, both help farm profitability.

Q: What do you hope to get out of your participation in this year’s Indoor Ag-Con event in Las Vegas

A:Even in the last two years, I’ve seen the conversation around seed mature. Indoor growers are starting to understand that not all seeds are the same. Seed companies are starting to invest in this space. I think there will be new varieties for indoor agriculture in the future. I want to make sure this conversation continues and that the two sides are speaking to each other, not past each other.

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Moderator – Michelle Klieger, founder, Stratagerm Consulting LLC
Dr. Gene Giacomelli, Controlled Environment Agriculture Center, University of Arizona
Stacy Davis, Germains Seed Technology
Aaron Crawford,Bayer