Dr. Gary Stutte, SyNRGE

Dr Gary Stutte Indoor Ag-Con 2020 SpeakerIndoor Ag-Con speaker Dr Gary Stutte is president of SyNRGE.  SyNRGE develops technology for growing plants in space and applying it on Earth.

Dr. Stutte is also a horticulturalist, plant physiologist and space biologist.  In this role, Stutte developed and tested controlled environment technology at Kennedy Space Center.  In addition, he also  conducted multiple experiments onboard the International Space Station. Indoor Ag-Con Speaker Dr Gary Stutte heads SyNERGE

Indoor Ag-con speaker Stutte is also a  pioneer in use of LED lighting to increase nutritional value salad crops grown in CEA.

SyNRGE, LLC is headquartered in the Space Life Science Lab, Exploration Park, Florida.

Dr. Gary Stutte Will Be Speaking During Indoor Ag-Con, May 18-20, 2020,
at the Wynn Las Vegas