Indoor Ag-Con is the premier event covering the technology of growing crops in indoor systems, using hydroponic, aeroponic and aquaponic techniques. Its annual events are hosted in Las Vegas in the spring, and Singapore in the winter, and it has also hosted one-day events in Philadelphia and New York. Its events have welcomed participants from more than twenty countries, and have featured keynotes from leaders in farming, supplier, technology, customer, government and academic sectors.  The events unite growers, investors, chefs, tech geeks, produce buyers, academics, policymakers, industry suppliers and advocates in lively discussions of the industry’s promise, issues and future across formal conference proceedings, practical mini workshops, exhibits, lunch table discussions, and unconferencing sessions.

Indoor Ag-Con was founded by Newbean Capital, a US-based registered investment adviser that also manages early stage venture capital mandates for the US Treasury and has a consulting practice in indoor agriculture that works primarily with multinationals and large institutional investors. In December 2018, three event industry professionals – Nancy Hallberg, Kris Sieradzki and Brian Sullivan – purchased Indoor Ag-Con LLC from Newbean Capital, so setting the stage for further expansion of the events globally. Newbean Capital remains involved in the events, working with speakers and creating agendas. Its sibling company, Contain Inc, an alternate finance provider to indoor growers, will provide white papers for the events going forward.



At Indoor Ag-Con, we believe that the next great breakthrough is as likely to come from someone working with different crops as it is from someone in your own sand box. Our events provide a venue for those working with crops from leafy greens and mushrooms, to alternate proteins, to legal cannabis and other medicinal crops to meet and exchange ideas.


We focus exclusively on the current and future technologies that drive the indoor agriculture industry, often sitting stealth-stage innovative startups alongside multinationals on our speaking panels. We’ve hosted myriad ‘firsts’ in indoor agriculture technology, such as, Freight Farm’s introduction of its FarmHand mobile app for remote control and management of its container farms.


We make contributions to the indoor agriculture industry that go well beyond our events. Our white papers provide one of the few reliable sources of information on the growing industry, and have been downloaded more than 10,000 times. We created the first ever indoor agriculture Kindle books and an indoor agriculture adult coloring book as well as numerous infographics.

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Mail:  Indoor Ag Con, LLC , 3834 Silvestri Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89120
Email:  hello@indoor.ag