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Michelle Keller, Living Greens Farm

Indoor Ag-Con Board Member Michelle Keller  grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and was active in FFA (Future Farmers of America) in middle school through college.  It was in college at UW -River Falls that Michelle fell in love with the concept of food production in an indoor environment.   

Michelle graduated with a Plant Biology degree from UW- River Falls, she also completed all Masters course work in the Plant Pathology program at the University of Minnesota. 

Michelle took her concept of indoor food production and made it a reality when she opened LaBore Farms Hydroponic Lettuce.  Michelle was the owner and operator of LaBore Farms Hydroponic Lettuce doing everything from seeding, production, marketing, and delivering her product throughout the Twin Cities. 

Michelle expanded on her indoor concept of growing when she started full time at Living Greens Farm as Head Grower with accountability for research and development of the aeroponic production systems.  This includes recipe development, system development, and production parameters for baby greens, herbs, teen lettuce and full-size lettuce.  Michelle’s hobbies include growing lettuce, singing to her lettuce, and swimming.