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Argus Controls Webinar | Preventative Maintenance and Environmental Controls in the Greenhouse

Argus Controls Webinar — 

Indoor Ag-Con exhibitor Argus Controls  invites you to watch our Preventative Maintenance and Environmental Controls in the Greenhouse” webinar that took place on September 18.


The panel of experts explain how an environmental control system can help growers in getting ahead of potential issues with their equipment. In addition, viewers can learn how automated greenhouse control systems can help optimize the equipment to make your processes as consistent and efficient as possible.

Some key topics discussed:

  • The importance of risk management and planning ahead in the greenhouse for extreme weather seasons/conditions
  • The relevance of understanding the equipment in your facility to make the most out of it
  • The impact and benefits of preventative maintenance in your greenhouse
  • The best time to perform a system audit
  • How can having a greenhouse automation system can help with preventative maintenance and system audits

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