Bert James, HomeGrown Agriculture


Bert_James_HomeGrown_AgricultureBert James is an active crop consultant and farmer in Eastern NC. Homegrown Agriculture, established in 2001, has assisted over 100,000 acres of North Carolina production with fertility and crop management, specializing in technology and efficiency. In 2015, he served as president of the North Carolina Association of Crop Advisors. Preferred production concepts involve integrating old methods with new farm practices such as regenerative row crop and livestock land management. Constant focus on localized markets an new crops led to a larger opportunity.

Bio Regen Co-op was formed in December, 2016 to assist in bringing new crops forward that may be viable sources of income for local farmers. The first focus was on the opportunity in industrial hemp. Three years later, North Carolina looks to be a legitimate front runner in bringing this ancient plant back to production. This would not have been possible without the financial support of the Co-op members and efforts from founders and board members, past and present. We have much to learn and are excited about the possibilities new crops and industry brings.