Blake is currently the Business Development Manager at Philips Lighting – City Farming specializing in the design of LED lighting systems in vertical farms and how lighting interacts with the growing environment. Blake is the direct link for customers in North America to the Philips GrowWise Center in Eindhoven, NL. Blake has worked on over 500 projects with various industry leaders to design and develop their lighting infrastructure in state of art hydroponic vegetable facilities, vertical farms, and tissue culture laboratories.

Blake is a ASHS Certified Horticulturist with a degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Illinois. Blake comes from a long line of farmers who have been growing corn and soybeans for over 160 years so he understands the challenge of running a farming business like no other and looks forward to helping companies succeed in this infant industry.

[icon type=”asterisk”] See Blake speak at Indoor Ag-Con Philly on October 16, 2017 [icon type=”asterisk”]

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