Brac Webb, Fifth Season

Indoor Ag-Conversations Panelist Brac Webb of Fifth Season

Indoor Ag-Conversations panelist Brac Webb is co-founder and CTO of Fifth Season. His company is dedicated to solving some of the world’s most pressing problems.  Among them,  using high-tech robotics and AI to get consumers fresh, healthy, local produce using CEA vertical farming in urban areas.

Since Fifth Season’s inception, Brac Webb has helped grow the company to around 50 people.  About 40 of these individuals work with him in the development and operations group he leads. His team spans the domains of food and horticulture science, software and hardware engineering, and production operations. Together, the team built and operates a 60,000 sq. ft. vertical farm in Pittsburgh’s Braddock neighborhood in western Pennsylvania.

Fifth Season is taking the successes of this farm to grow the company and build new facilities. Brac has been instrumental in architecting his company’s structure.  He is one of the leaders for their upcoming growth sprint, where Fifth Season plans to more than double in size within the year.

To learn more about Brac Webb and Fifth Season, check out their website and About Us video available here:

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