Brian Anderson, Anderson Porter Design


Indoor Ag-Conversations panelist Brian Anderson  is a founding Partner of Anderson Porter Design.  With more than 26 years of experience in the field of architecture, Brian also has over six years of concentration in architecture for the cannabis industry. With combined experience working as Architects for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston during 9/11 and as Architects for MIT on 400,000 square feet of Neuroscience labs in Cambridge, Anderson and his firm have a deep background with integrated security, clean room and bio labs.  This led led them to their first medical marijuana project in 2014.

Since, APD has designed 40+ retail dispensaries and over 2 million square feet of cultivation and processing facilities in 14+ states and the EU. Brian has developed a proprietary stage gate project delivery tailored specific to the cannabis industry. He is an active member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA).  In 2019/20 he established and chaired the Facility Design Committee for the NCIA. In addition, Brian works with  the Resource Innovation Institute (RII) on their Technical Advisory Council on matters of energy sustainability in the cannabis industry.

He has participated with the ‘Energy and Environment Cannabis Working Group’ which advises the State of MA CCC and DOER on energy issues. Brian is also a member of the Lean Construction Institute, which is a national AE&C industry group. Brian and his firm implement Lean methodologies in Controlled Environment Horticulture facilities and beyond. For more information visit

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