Brian Gandy, Valoya

Brian Gandy Valoya Indoor Ag-Con

Indoor Ag-Con Speaker Brian Gandy is Technical Sales Director for North America for Valoya.

For over a decade now, Valoya’s LEDs, manufactured in Finland have been available in North America. The high-end horticultural LED technology by Valoya illuminates countless cultivation facilities of growers and researchers across US and Canada.

Based in Colorado, Brian brings extensive horticulture experience to Valoya, after having worked as a consultant with his firm, Sustainable Terrains and as the owner operator of Deep Rooted Hemp Company. His expertise mainly lies in cultivation of food and cannabis crops, sustainability and Horticultural lighting technology.

Brian holds a bachelor’s degree in Horticulture from the University of Georgia and since living in Colorado, has completed certificates in Permaculture Design and Sustainability Leadership. Having spent over a decade specializing in applied Horticulture from organic vegetable production to landscape horticulture and Controlled Environmental Agriculture in cannabis, he has consulted with various LED Horticulture start-ups; designing, testing and specifying LED fixtures into various applications from vertical farms, vegetable greenhouses and cannabis. His passion for the subject has lead to his contribution to the LED Grow Book version 3 and he is excited to apply his knowledge to support a more sustainable future in horticulture through optimization and application of appropriate technologies.

Brian’s role with Valoya is to support existing and new clients in the North American crop science, cannabis and crop production markets. Additionally, he supports  growers and researchers with Valoya’s LEDs to make the most of the technology. His experience from the component level to applied cultivation using LEDs, brings a full skillset to Valoya and serves as a ready resource to our customers.