Carlos Leon Ramos, BOFISH

Carlos Leon BoFish at Indoor Ag-Con 2020Indoor Ag-Conversations  speaker Carlos Leon Ramos is Chief Technology Officer at BOFISH.  BOFISH is part of three commercial Aquaponic farms in Mexico and 1 in Colombia.   He started Aquaponics in  2000 at the University where he studied Aquaculture Engineering Biotechnology.

After that, Carlos built his first commercial Aquaponic farm (0.5 acre) in 2006, producing tilapia, red claw and leafy plants. In addition, in 2011 he started consulting, designing and operating different farms in Latin America and the United States.

His main expertise is working at Desertic areas with fresh and brackish Bofish at Indoor Ag-Con 2020water.  As a result, in  2016 he started an experimental Salt Aquaponics Greenhouse with a Japanese agency for Tilapia, Shrimp and Snapper along with different salt-loving plants.

In addition,  he started a new farm in 2018 with a Hybrid Aquaponics System using Biofloc-Aquaponics for Tilapia, Shrimp, Microalgae and Plant production.