Chris Livingston, Bowery Farming

Chris Livingston Bowery Farming Indoor Ag-Conversations

Indoor Ag-Conversations speaker Chris Livingston is  General Counsel for  Bowery Farming.

Bowery is a modern farming company re-imagining what a flavorful future tastes like.  Right outside of cities, Bowery grows produce indoors, benefiting people, communities and our planet.

Livingston is also Board Member and Secretary for the CEA Food Safety Coalition.

Before joining Bowery, Livinston was Assistant General Counsel for Blue Apron.  

He received a BA in Economics, Corporate Strategy from Vanderbilt University.  Livingston received is Law Degree from Georgetown University Law Center. 

Indoor Ag-Conversations speaker Chris Livingston will be part of the CEA Food Safety Coalition session, “Food Safety Opportunities & Challenges Unique to Controlled Environment Agriculture” on September 9, 2020 from 2-3 pm.  Learn More!

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