Dr. David Bubenheim, NASA Ames Research Center

David Bubenheim NASA at Indoor Ag-Con 2020

Indoor Ag-Conversations Panelist Dr. David Bubenheim is a senior research scientist at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View California in the Earth Science Division / Biospheric Science Branch.  His studies focus on crop physiology and plant ecophysiology.  He has developed plant-based, life support systems to provide the food, air, and water for self-sufficient, human settlements on Mars.  This work included high-performance controlled environment crop production coupled with waste and water recycle systems to demonstrate for the first time the feasibility for using plant-based, regenerative systems within the limited resources available is space applications.

His research into photosynthetic efficiency and resource use has been applied to study of terrestrial and aquatic invasive plants, aiding in adaptive ecosystem management strategies in response to climate change.  In addition to flying experiments on the Russian Space Station Mir and the International Space Station (ISS), he serves as mentor and advisor to students currently flying a series of plant experiments on ISS. Remote sensing methods play an important part of his work from assessing crop health and yield potential in controlled environments as well as mapping invasive species, on land and water, to assess ecosystem impacts.

He has received several awards for research as well as technology development and technology transfer from NASA, he also received the Best New Technology of the Year award from R&D Magazine.  His Ph.D. (Utah State University) and Post-Doctoral work (Pursue University) were supported by NASA grants.

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