Dr. Karl Kolb

Karl Kolb

Indoor Ag-Con Speaker Karl Kolb was born in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin to Karl and Jeanne Kolb.  Within a few years the family moved to California where Karl grew up attending Los Gatos High School in Los Gatos, California.  Soon after high school and gaining an AA degree from a local college he entered the military and after 21 years retired as a distinguished US Army Special Operations Officer with several combat tours. Karl graduated from the US Army War College and the Leavenworth Staff and Command College.  Karl held positions from the Pentagon to line officer in many combat units around the world.

Karl holds 6 degrees culminating in a Ph.D. in quality management from California University of Technology, Berkeley.  He has since received certifications in Microbiology, Agriculture and Manufacturing.

Karl has taught at several universities including University of California, Berkeley, Los Angeles and Maryland.  He was the head of the manufacturing department at the University of Wisconsin and taught classes in leadership and education.

Karl is the founder and President of the High Sierra Group companies successfully completing 21 years in the food business.  The High Sierra Group services over 10,000 customers with Ceres Certifications, International (ISO 17065 food safety certifying body), HSG/AME Certified Laboratories (17025 food testing laboratories), Ceres University (Accredited, degree granting), High Sierra Chemicals and Epicure Farms.

Karl has 6 daughters and 5 grandchildren and lives in Phoenix, AZ.