Dr. Ricardo Hernandez, NC State University

Ricardo Hernandez Indoor Ag-Con 2021 Speaker

Indoor Ag-Con speaker Dr. Ricardo Hernández is an Associate Professor at North Carolina State University   and CTO of Phlora Inc. He is focused on controlled environment research. A large part of his research program is focused on the environmental optimization to produce young plants (seedling, cuttings, transplants) in indoor systems.

Dr.  Hernández has more than 30 published-peer review scientific articles. In addition,  he recently received the “Early Career Faculty Leadership Award” from the American Society of Horticultural Sciences. He also received he “2021- Goodnight Early Career Innovator” at NC State University for his contributions to the controlled environment field.

In addition, Dr. Hernández is the co-founder of two start-up companies “Phlora Inc” (growthwithsigs.com) focused on vertical farm technology development and “Grafted Growers LLC”  (graftedgrowers.com) focused on the propagation of transplants in indoor environments.


Dr. Hernández will be a panelist for the program:

Hydroponic Seedling Propagation
Monday, October 4, 2021 | 4:00 pm  – 4:45 pm