Dr. Vijay Rapaka, Smithers-Oasis Company

Vijay Rapaka Smithers Oasis at Indoor Ag-Con 2021

Indoor Ag-Con 2021 speaker Vijay K. Rapaka, Ph.D., is corporate grower research manager at Smithers-Oasis Company/ Oasis Grower Solutions.  In this role, he is responsible for new product development and technical support. He also leads the efforts to provide technical support to other Oasis Grower Solution units located globally.

Bringing 12 years of industry experience to his position, Rapaka plans to continue Oasis Grower Solutions’ growth by developing innovative products and helping the customers to be more successful. Rapaka also is working to expand the Oasis Grower Solutions’ footprint into new markets and countries.

Rapaka is an accomplished researcher that is regularly published in scientific journals and industry trade publications such as, Postharvest Biology and Technology, Plant Science, The In Vitro Report, HortScience, Greenhouse Product News, Inside Grower etc. He serves on the master’s and doctorate student committee, as well as several, national, commercial grower boards.

Rapaka earned his master’s degree in Agriculture Science from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, his doctorate degree in Horticulture from University of Hannover and his post doctorate in Post-Harvest Physiology and Rooting from Clemson University.

Rapaka lives in Stow, Ohio with his wife, Mercy, and his two children. He speaks four languages: his native language, Telugu, English, German and Hindi.