October 5th, 2016

Dubai – International hydroponic experts Pegasus Agriculture have announced that they will be hosting a Food Security and Sustainability Conference in Dubai, in collaboration with leading events business Indoor Ag-Con. The conference is set to be held in November of 2017 and is anticipated to involve a variety of government stakeholders, as well as thought leaders hailing from across the indoor agriculture industry.

Pegasus Agriculture is heavily vested in the indoor agriculture industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, and hopes that this conference can help bring together like-minded individuals to address the food security and sustainability issues that face not only the immediate area, but also the world as a whole. The Company has a unique perspective as it is one of the few indoor agriculture firms to have operations globally, in the Middle East, Asia and through a recently acquired lease in the United States (US).

One of the company’s main goals has always been to help countries, regions, and communities attain independent food security. In fact, Pegasus Agriculture Group Chairman Mahmood Almas has referred to the conference as what he hopes to be “an inspiring look into what the future of the MENA region might look like in the future. Not just in terms of food security, but with regards to redefining the region’s economy entirely.”

Indoor Ag-Con is a natural partner for this endeavor as it is one of the pioneers of the indoor agriculture industry, having hosted events in the space for nearly five years and authored the first white papers on the US industry and on the application of automation to the sector. “Interacting with forward-thinking governments, such as those in Singapore and New York City, has given us an understanding of the role that indoor agriculture can play in global food security policies. We’re excited to partner with Pegasus Agriculture to further explore this perspective in the important Middle East region” said Nicola Kerslake, founder of Newbean Capital, the US registered investment advisor that owns the Indoor Ag-Con business.

About Indoor Ag-Con
Indoor Ag-Con hosts events dedicated to the technology and business models of the burgeoning indoor agriculture industry; growing in hydroponic, aquaponic & aeroponic systems in warehouses, greenhouses & containers. It currently hosts the industry’s premier events in Las Vegas, Singapore and New York.
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About Pegasus Agriculture
Pegasus Agriculture is one of the leading owners and operators of hydroponic farming facilities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Their head office is strategically located in Dubai, U.A.E. and serves as the headquarters for their global growing and distribution network.
With over 150 years of combined market experience, Pegasus Agriculture leads the MENA region in its goal to attain independent food security.
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