Electra Jarvis, Green Food Solutions


Electra_jarvisElectra is the co-founder and farming director of Green Food Solutions, a company empowering a new local food system. Green Food Solutions sells, installs, and maintains vertical farms and gardens. They provide the free planning and design of any vertical farm or garden using Tower Farm technology.

Electra believes that our personal health is interconnected to our planet’s health. After learning about the environmental and public health impacts of the industrial and animal agriculture industry, she discovered her passion to heal the planet by healing ourselves. With the belief that food is our medicine, she is a stand for transforming the way we grow, distribute and think about our food in order to contribute to a healthy, sustainable, and food just planet.

Starting with her Masters degree in Sustainable Environmental Systems from the Pratt Institute, City and Regional Planning Program, she has spent the last 5 years developing and practicing her skills in hydroponic systems and farming. After working for various Ag-Tech start ups, she found an important need to implement a new urban food system that uses vertical farms and considers food justice at its foundation.

After meeting her co-founder Mary Wetherill, Green Food Solutions became the first business to launch from the pilot program of a urban farming business accelerator started by Kimbal Musk. Since then, they have mastered shipping container farming, constantly interface with greenhouse growers, installed the first vertical rooftop farm amenity on a residential building in New York City, and support new vertical farm businesses across to world to provide free resources and planning.