Ensora Plug-And-Play Indoor Farm Monitoring and Control System

Ensora Systems Indoor Ag-Con 2021 Exhibitor
Wireless, indoor and outdoor light-powered sensor system integrates mobile/tablet/web, monitoring, environmental controls and automation for ideal conditions 24/7

Place-and-forget sensors – no battery changes, no maintenance – are key to Ensora Systems’ yield-building monitoring and control solutions. They get all the power they need to operate from indoor or outdoor light.

Go-Anywhere Sensors are powered under any available lighting condition – indoor or outdoor – to create Ensora’s maintenance-free condition monitoring, analysis, and control. Sensors harvest energy during lighted hours and continue to work 24/7, sensing environmental conditions every few seconds.

Ensora is a complete, plug-and-play Indoor Farm Monitoring and Control System designed for farmers. The system is simple to set up and use to improve conditions 24/7 and increase yields. Users with no experience or specialized training can easily create customized systems for their farms, greenhouses, or vertical farm layouts.

Ensora is a complete agricultural monitoring, control and condition-optimization system that includes:

  • Place-and-forget photovoltaic-powered wireless sensor “hubs” with integrated temperature and light-level sensing modules pre-installed. Additional modules simply snap on to hubs for additional sensing options such as humidity, CO2, and accurate outdoor temperature sensing under sunlight.
  • Wireless cloud communications of sensor hubs/modules via Ensora’s long-range Bluetooth gateway with a range up to 200 yards and no need for direct line-of-sight to the hubs/modules.
  • Ensora sensor hubs are easy to install and move around since they automatically sync to the gateway and the Ensora app.
  • Each gateway can communicate with a large number of Ensora Sensor hubs/modules.
  • Ensora Systems include an integrated automation box to control environmental conditions in indoor farms. Ensora algorithms automatically respond to sensed environmental conditions and update environmental control equipment, such as turning on/off heating, cooling, watering, humidity control, CO2 control, opening/closing shades, or adjusting lighting levels.
  • The Ensora app is cloud-based for anywhere, anytime access. It also runs locally for uninterrupted and reliable operation during internet outages.

Ensora light-powered systems deliver performance without making tradeoffs to conserve energy. For example, battery-powered wireless alternatives are forced to trade off and use low-power-consuming infrared communications, which require direct line-of-sight and are subject to interference from employees walking by and plants growing or blowing into sight lines.

Maintenance Free, No Battery Changes

Ensora’s technology enables users to place sensors anywhere and forget about maintenance. They’re guaranteed to be maintenance free for at least ten years. That’s a vast contrast to battery-powered sensors which frequently fail because batteries don’t get replaced when they’re depleted after only a few months.

Farming Flexibility and Accuracy Without Costly Wired Sensor Systems

Place-and-forget convenience keeps flexibility up and costs down. You can place Ensora sensors to efficiently monitor and manage your crops today.  As growing layouts or crops change, you simply move your sensors where you need them – no rewiring or conduit to worry about. In addition to the convenience and flexibility, Ensora saves the cost of wire, conduit, and installation of hardwired systems.

See Ensora at Indoor Ag-Con, October 4-5, 2021.  And, learn more about Ensora Systems.