Eri Hayashi is the director of International Relations and Consulting, Japan Plant Factory Association (JPFA), a non-profit organization devoted to academic and business advancements in the Plant Factory/Vertical Farm/Controlled Environment Agriculture industry.

She obtained a Master’s degree of International Business from Kobe University, where she studied global food industry. After engaged in multinational projects of global organizations, she joined a private research/consulting institute in Tokyo as a researcher specializing in the technology advancement for global food production system. She has been conducting international field researches on the industry of Plant Factory, Vertical Farm, Controlled Environment Agriculture since 2008, and has published a number of research papers. Her recent publications include Chapter 22 (Current Status of Commercial Plant Factories with LED Lighting Market in Asia, Europe, and Other Regions) and Chapter 24 (Global LED Lighting Players, Economic Analysis, and Market Creation for PFALs) of ‘LED lighting for Urban Agriculture’ (T. Kozai, K. Fujiwara and E. Runkle (eds.)) published in November 2016 by Springer.

She is a research project manager of ongoing national project on AI based Phenomics and smart Plant Factory systems.

Since 2015, she has joined Japan Plant Factory Association. She is also the chief executive officer of E*Green Lab Inc.

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