Erika Summers, EMCOR Services Nevada

Erika Summers EMCOR speaker at Indoor Ag-Con 2021

 Indoor Ag-Con speaker Erika Summers  is a business development manager and sales engineer based in Las Vegas Nevada for EMCOR Services Mesa Energy Systems, Inc.

Erika has a mechanical engineering degree from New Mexico Tech Institute of Mining and Technology. Before she joined EMCOR Services Mesa Energy Systems, Erika spent five years working as a design engineer in the automotive industry and two years working for a lighting and hydroponics equipment company. This engineering background and passion for sustainable agriculture led her to her current position where she helps customers tackle humidity mitigation, energy conversation, and building automation for the horticulture and other industries in the Las Vegas area.

EMCOR Services Mesa Energy Systems, Inc is a licensed commercial HVAC contractors headquartered in Irvine, California, and offering HVAC maintenance, service, retrofit, building automation systems (BAS) services, commercial refrigeration repair, and chiller services.