Esteban is Grupo U´s Crop protection Manger/Independent grower
23 years as responsible of plant protection and technical supervision of 4000 has (9800 Acres) of vegetables grown in central México, in both conventional and Organic, 13 years of experience in protected/hi tech organic hot house production (50 acres in production) .
During my professional trajectory, I have been dedicated to research and develop techniques that make the agriculture friendlier with environment, Organic, productive, sustainable, safe.
“I find in organic agriculture a personal challenge, it takes all the expertise I have as engineer and presents me with an opportunity to brake my own paradigms”
Graduated in Intensive Vegetable Production at Monterrey´s Technological institute of superior studies, Master in Horticulture by the University of Almeria Spain.
President of Mexico´s chapter California Certified Organic Farmers, President Mexico´s Global Gap Technical Work Group, Board Member of the Coalition for Sustainable Organics (CSO).

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