Four Benefits Of An Automated Controller In A Vented Greenhouse

Indoor Ag-Con Exhibitor Ceres Greenhouse

Indoor Ag-Con Exhibitor Ceres Greenhouse recently shared a  blog post highlighting the benefits of an automated cotroller in a vented greenhouse.  As highlighted in the Ceres post:Indoor Ag-Con Exhibitor Ceres Greenhouse

“Ceres’ patented solar design and innovative climate control technologies enable us to build year round greenhouses in any climate. Depending on geographic location, crop application, and specific client needs our greenhouses might operate with different types of ventilation,HVAC and other greenhouse growing systems. To manage the different growing systems in both our sealed and vented greenhouse designs, we designed and built the Ceres SunSense™, a greenhouse controller that monitors and adjusts greenhouse environments as one complete unit.”

Read the full blog post on the Ceres site, which shares  benefits of using a Ceres SunSense™ controller to automate your greenhouse growing systems