From Fortune: These $50 Strawberries Are Popping Up on Michelin-Starred Menus

Oishii Omakase Berry
Click here to read January 14, 2020 Article in Fortune Magazine  by Anna Ben Yehuda RahmananAbout Indoor Vertical Farming Strawberries

Oishii Omakase BerryWhen purchasing a crate of strawberries at a neighborhood market, the modus operandi usually goes something like: “the redder the berry, the better the taste.” But Hiroki Koga and Brendan Somerville, founders of New Jersey-based Oishii Farm, seek to upend that notion with a new creation: the Japanese strawberry, also referred to as the Omakase berry.

Grown in an indoor vertical farm by the Hudson River, the berry is produced using seeds that the founders imported directly from Japan. “They are completely natural,” explains John Reed, the company’s marketing manager. “They are not in any way genetically modified, they are completely pesticide-free. They are perfectly clean, never even touched by a bare human hand. They don’t have to be washed [prior to ingestion] and there are no concerns about anything unnatural going into your body when you eat them.”

Photo from Oishii Berry