Hydroponic Vegetable Grower – 9 years growing crops in controlled greenhouse production system in Woodend, Victoria.

Hydroponic Farmers Federation Inc

Foundation Secretary                       1995 – 2000

– Committee member                         2000 – 2015

– Appointed HFF Life Member          2015

Australian Hydroponic & Greenhouse Association Inc

Committee member                        1995 – 1999

– National President                           1999 – 2010

Protected Cropping Australia Ltd

Chairman                                         2010 – 2012

– Director                                            2112 – 2015

– Appointed PCA Life Member      2015

Graeme Smith Consulting

  • Company formed in 1998 to offer system and crop consultancy services to new and existing growers across Australia.
  • Company has delivered Greenhouse Technical Management training package in commercial hydroponic crop production around Australia and International.
  • Facilitated a 5-year plan for the development and delivery of a skills training package for all industry growers across Australia.
  • Developed and delivered national workshops to assist greenhouse growers to convert to full nutrient recycling (closed) systems
  • Company facilitates greenhouse study tours of Europe & North America, encouraging growers to assess firsthand new and emerging technologies and how to integrate into their existing systems.
  • Performs detailed feasibility studies including climate and financial studies for new and existing enterprises (inc ROI & EBIT)
  • Graeme is a Certified Practicing Agriculturist (CPAg) and is an Accredited Member of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology (AIAST).

Graeme strives to bring technological, managerial and development solutions to growers, investors and the wider industry.

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