Brad McNamara, Entrepreneur, Founder, Advisor

Brad McNamara Indoor Ag-Conversations

Indoor Ag-Conversations speaker Brad McNamara is a 4x founder and 2x CEO, who thrives where bits & bytes meet the physical world. He is an idea to Series B operator with experience incubating, starting, and scaling hardware and software businesses.  As the Founding CEO of Freight Farms, Inc.,  an ag-tech company on a mission to enable on-site commercial food production anywhere in the world, he built the product, team, and business from zero to a global footprint.

Prior to founding Freight Farms, he was the CEO of Impakt Marketing Solutions, INC. This  marketing firm focused on sales-driven marketing programs for large CPG companies like Anheuser Busch, InBev USA, and brands like Converse.  Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he gained valuable experience in the radio industry working with “Matty in the Morning” at KISS 108 in Boston, MA.