Aaron Crawford, PhD, Pairwise


Indoor Ag-Conversations Speaker Dr. Aaron Crawford is Lead of Technical Product Commecialization for Pairwise.

Pairwise is an AgTech start-up focused on improving vegetables using CRISPR technology (Gene editing). The Pairwise team is working in the leafy space. The company is identifying alternative crops to current leafy greens that would have wide application to Indoor Ag.

Aaron has a long-term interest in plant-based nutrients, and how phytonutrients and diet are related to improving health and reducing the risk of disease.  He has led multiple projects to improve the nutritional quality of plants, and has led teams that focus on commercializing products with improved nutritional plant-based profiles.  He has multiple patents and publications in this area.

Before joining Pairwise, Crawford  was Global Product Manager for Brassica and Leafy crops at Bayer Crop Science . Prior to that role, Aaron led product development teams in the nutritional supplement industry; worked in the pharmaceutical industry on neurodegenerative disorders; and was a Professor of Biology at distinguished liberal arts colleges.  He has a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology, where his focus was understanding the molecular signals that cells use to communicate.