J Mitchell, NuSachi

Jay Mitchell Indoor Ag-Con 2021 Speaker

Indoor Ag-Con speaker J Mitchell is Senior Vice President of Product + Creation at  NuSachi.NuSachi

In his role, J Mitchell is driving strategic vision and day-to-day operations while keeping clients delighted and leading the product team.

Mitchell is a seasoned expert in propagation, cultivation, extraction, formulation, product design, packaging, manufacturing and distribution. His level of respect for the plant preserves its integrity as both a medicine and natural resource. A fixture in NuSachi’s selected greenhouse, he is working with his team to maximize the unique genetics of each strain and is committed to seeing the day when Cannabinoids find their roles in supplementing or replacing opioids.

Mitchell embraced CBD after witnessing a substantial positive impact on his parent’s lives. Thirteen years into a career as a high-end chef with regular media appearances, Mitchell  followed his inspiration and over the years has contributed to seven patents, developed over 50 new formulations for hemp-derived products, built two vertically integrated hemp supply chains, managed a 200,000 clone operation, and conducted grows in excess of 5,000 pounds of biomass. He holds a BBA in entrepreneurship from Belmont University and resides in Nashville with his wife.