Jackie Hawkins, BrightFarms

Jackie Hawkins Bright Farms Indoor Ag-Conversations

Indoor Ag-Conversations speaker Jackie Hawkins is Senior Manager of Food Safety for BrightFarms.

 BrightFarms is an American indoor farming company. It is  headquartered in Irvington, New York. BrightFarms grows and supplies local, non-GMO, pesticide-free, and fresh salad greens to supermarkets. The produce is grown in computer-controlled hydroponic greenhouses.  In her role, Hawkins initiates and executes company-wide strategies to manage food safety and microbiological risks.

Prior to her current role,  she served as Corporate Food Safety Manager for BrightFarms.  In this position, she was responsible for developing, implementing and managing food safety control systems. These systems were designed to ensure continuous production consistent with established standards, customer specifications and production goals.  She also managed the  SQF program and was responsible for all FSMA requirements.

Jackie received her Bachelor of Science | Environmental Science from Oregon State University.

Indoor Ag-Conversations speaker Jackie Hawkins joins the CEA Food Safety Coalition session, Food Safety Opportunities and Challenges Unique to CEA on September 9, 2020 from 2-3 pm. Learn more!

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