Jeremy Shechter, Buckeye Relief

Jeremy Shechter Buckeye Relief Director of Cultivation

Indoor Ag-Conversations panelist Jeremy Shechter  is Director of Cultivation for Buckeye Relief. 

Jeremy has been with been with Buckeye Relief since its inception in 2018. He was instrumental in designing and building the state-of-the-art facility located in Eastlake, OH. As Director of Cultivation, Jeremy focuses on crop optimization through innovative technology utilization and constant operational improvements. He leads the cultivation side of the company through rigorous data capture, analysis and experimentation. These efforts have  catapulted Buckeye Relief to the top of the Ohio medical marijuana market in terms of overall yield, quality and customer satisfaction.

Prior to working at Buckeye Relief, Jeremy designed and consulted for aquaponics facilities and renewable energy development. He has a Bachelors in Agricultural Engineering from The Ohio State University. He has been featured in Cannabis Business Times, multiple vendor publications and has spent time overseas working on humanitarian engineering projects in Ghana, Honduras and China.

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