Katashi Kai is the general manager of the agribusiness department of Shin-nippou Ltd.
He holds a BS and a Master degree in Agricultural Sciences from Nagoya University.

After graduated the University, he worked at a food manufacturing company in Japan and engaged in research, production and sales of organic vegetables and herbs for seven years to produce healthy natural foods.

He then participated in the New Zealand project of the company, as a person in charge of the agricultural sector, produced leafy vegetables, cereals and livestock. During his assignment he succeeded in obtaining organic certification of about 500 hectares of farmland.

After returning to Japan in 2012 he participate in Shin-nippou of entertainment facility management company as the project manager to launch 808 FACTORY full artificial light type plant factory as a new business.

Established in 2014, 808FACTORY is one of the largest and profitable vertical farms in Japan.

Based on actual experience of operating large scale plant factory, the company has comprehensive knowledge on productivity management, i.e. how to reduce production cost besides knowing how to start up a large scale indoor vertical farm successfully.

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