Kees Rodenburg, Enza Zaden

Kees Rodenburg Enza Zaden Indoor Ag-Conversations Panelist

Indoor Ag-Con 2021 Speaker  Kees Rodenburg, Area Manager CEA, Enza Zaden North America.  He joined the company in 2013.  Kees has been in his current role, serving as area manager specifically for indoor hydroponic leafy green crops for greenhouse and plant factories in North America, since 2019.

Kees was born and raised in the Netherlands.  He  has spent his  entire professional career in the greenhouse industry.  Moving to the USA in the nineties, he has  been  involved in growing indoor vegetables in the  Arizona desert for 20 years.

When not working, Kees spends time with his family in Arizona.  He loves  the outdoors and rides his  bike whenever there is an opportunity.

“I believe strongly in a whole-food plant-based diet for my health, the environment and to promote the business we are in,” he says