Kyle Barnett, Crop Talk Podcast

Kyle Barnett Indoor Ag-Con

Indoor Ag-Con Speaker Kyle Barnett is the host of CropTalk “Kyle Talks  Ag Tech”

Kyle started his career as a grower in both aquaponic and hydroponic operations focusing on leafy greens and lettuce production. He later created as a recruitment resource for the CEA industry. After joining BrightFarms as a Greenhouse Associate in 2015, he was promoted to Key Account Manager, focusing on the sale of produce to supermarket chains and distribution channels.

Kyle later took a position with Hort Americas as a Sales Manager supplying substrates, fertilizers, and LED lighting sales to CEA growers. Kyle has partnered with the CropTalk Media podcasts to create #KyleTalksAgTech, a segment that focuses on CEA, vertical farms, and greenhouse technology as well as CEA leaders now with over 50 #KyleTalksAgtech episodes.

He also advises on a number of boards for the CEA industry.