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Grow Equipment
Track Moderator – PAul Brentlinger, Crop King

MAY 22, 2019

10 – 10:30 am, Blockchain and IoT For Indoor Farms
Speaker: Raja Ramachandran, CEO and Co-Founder,

10:30 – 11 am, Latest Advancements In LED Light Technology
Speaker: Blake Lange, Business Development Manager, Signify, formerly Philips Lighting

11 – 11:30 am, Water Management Techniques
Speaker: Mark Doherty,Vice President of Cultivation Technologies , Urban-Gro

11:30 am – Noon, Automated Control Systems
Speaker: Michael Heaven,ENG, MBA, Vice President and General Manager, Argus Controls

MAY 23, 2019

10 – 10:30 am, Automation & Robotics
Speaker: Maarten Vandecruys, CEO, Urban Crop Solutions

10:30 – 11 am, HVAC For Cannabis Grows
Speaker: Dr. Nadia Sabeh, Doctor Greenhouse

11 – 11:30 am, Intelligent Farming: Harnessing the Power of AI
Speaker: Nick Genty, CEO AgEye Technology

11:30 am – Noon, IoT For Indoor Grow Environments
Speaker: Chris Tosi, Co-Founder,Pulse Labs

Crop Selection
Moderator – Andrew Blume, Owner, InHouse Produce


MAY 22, 2019

10 – 10:30 am, Next Gen Crops: Mushrooms
Speaker: Andrew Carter, Smallhold

10:30 – 11 am, Selecting The Best Leafy Green Mix
Speaker: Jowellen Douthit, Plant Science R&D Manager, Oasis Biotech

11 – 11:30 am, Impact of CRISPR On Seed Genetics
Speaker: Dr. Venki Pegadaraju, Ph.D, Vice President of Business Development and Technology, Agribody Technologies, Inc.

11:30 am- Noon, Transcending Niche Markets:  How Automation Will Drive Commercial Adoption of Vertical Farming and CEO
Speaker: George Carter, Account Manager, SNAP Inc | SananBio

MAY 23, 2019

10 – 10:30 am, Micro-Propagation As A Tool In the Cannabis Breeders Kit
Speaker: Dr. Mitch Day, American Cannabis Consulting

10:30 – 11 am, Genomics & Seed Development
Speaker: Dr. John Purcell,  Vegetable Seed R & D Lead, Senior Vice President & Distinguished Science Fellow, Bayer Crop Science

11 – 11:30 am, Innovations In Sensor and Lighting Technology
Speaker: Travis Higginbotham, Director, Global Horticulture Service, Fluence By OSRAM

11:30 am – Noon, Mastering Indoor Organic Growing With Living Bioponic Soil
Speaker: Nadine Williams, Director of Marketing, Shenandoah Growers

May 24, 2019

9:15 -9:45 am, Indoor Ag in Foodservice Distribution
Speaker: Matt Roy, Senior Director, Produce, US Foods

Customers & The Supply Chain
Moderator – Penny McBride, FarmTech Society

MAY 22, 2019
10 – 10:30 am,The Power Of Combining 3D With Multispectral Information For Indoor Farming
Speaker: Dr. Grégoire Hummel, CEO, Phenospex

10:30 – 11 am, Indoor Farming: Restaurant Perspectives
Speaker: Sam Khoury, President, Next Stage Partners and  Board Member and Treasurer of the National Restaurant Associatoin’s Executive Supply Chain Board

11 – 11:30 am, Working With Food Majors
Speaker: Sam Schatz, Managing Director of Corporate Development , AeroFarms

11:30 am – Noon, Farmbox Greens: A Blueprint For Success
Speaker: Dan Albert, FarmBox Greens

MAY 23, 2019

10 – 10:30 am, Grow Mediums & Substrates – Best Practices
Speaker: Siebe Streekstra, Profile Products

10:30 – 11 am, How Seed Technologies can Improve Crop Performance
Speaker: Stacy Davis, Sales Account & Marketing Manager, Germains Seed Technology

11 – 11:30 am, Contracting With A Mega Corp
Speaker: Nona Yehia,  Co-Founder, Part Owner, CEO, Vertical Harvest

11:30 am- Noon, The Secret To Winning Loyal Lettuce Customers
Speaker: James P. Day, Founder and CEO, Suncrest USA Inc

Moderator: Nicola Kerslake, Contain, Inc.

MAY 22, 2019

10 – 10:30 am, Living Merchandisers: Bring the Farm to Retailers
Speaker: Peter Webb, Hussman

10:30 – 11 am, Spotting A Great Location
Speaker: Dan Plant, Co-Founder and Co-President, MVP Farms

11 – 11:30 am, Kennett’s New Indoor Ag Center of Excellence: How It Will Turbocharge Our Industry
Speaker: Michael Guttman, Director, Sustainable Development Office (SDO), Indoor Agriculture Initiative

11:30 am – Noon, Newest Learning In Interaction Between Light & Plants
Speaker: Dennis Riling, Director of Business Development, Illumitex

MAY 23, 2019

10 – 10:30 am, Hemp | Cannabis Genetics Landscape
Speaker: Christian Gray, Partner, Atlas Consulting

10:30 – 11 am, Qualifying A Building For An Indoor Vertical Farm
Speaker: Erika Summers, Oasis Biotech

11 – 11:30 am, Best Data Management Practices For Small To Medium Farms
Speaker: Vincent Kimura, CEO, Smart Yields

11:30 – Noon, Selecting An Engineering Firm For Build
Speaker: Zack Olson, Black & Veatch

Policy & Societal Impact
Moderator: Jim Pantaleo, Conference Chair, Indoor Ag-Con

MAY 22, 2019

10 – 10:30 am, How To Improve Food Safety
Speaker: Dr. Andy Moreno, Genetic Detection Systems Engineer, AME/HSC Laboratories

10:30 – 11 am, Hemp And the Farm Bill
Speaker: Aaron Pelley, Cultiva Law PLLC

11 – 11:30 am, Co-Creating The Future of Indoor Ag; Lessons from Singapore, Taiwan & Japan
Speaker: Jacob Eisenberg

11:30 am – Noon, Latest Advances In High Tech Farming In Singapore
Speaker: Daisuke Urano, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, Singapore​

MAY 23, 2019

10 – 10:30 am, USDA | NIFA Funding Opportunities
Speaker: Dr. Steven Thomson, USDA/NIFA National Prgram Leader

10:30 – 11 am, Operating Procedures & Legal Set-Up For Food Safety
Speaker: Dr. Karl Kolb, Chief Science Officer, High Sierra Group

11 – 11:30 am,  Unlocking Agriculture Innovation Through Uncommon Collaboration With UC ANR
Speaker: Gabriel Youtsey, Chief Innovation Officer, UC Agriculture & Natural Resources

11:30 am – Noon, The Societal Impact of Indoor Vertical Farming
Speaker: Brian Lanes, Industry Consultant