László Orbán was educated in Hungary and spent his postdoc years at the University of Szeged, Hungary and at the NIH.

He was the founding leader of the first fish molecular biology lab in Hungary during the nineties. He moved to Singapore in 1998 and he has been a team leader first at IMA, then at Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory (from 2002 til now).

His research interests include: analysis of fish reproduction and physiology with genomic tools and improving fish production through research-based aquaculture. Currently, he is a lead PI of an NRF-sponsored project that aims to produce elite lines of Asian seabass (barramundi) with increased growth rate and improved robustness.

Together with his colleagues, Dr. Orbán has published 95 papers in international, peer-reviewed research journals and four book chapters. He holds adjunct/honorary professor appointments at the University of Pannonia, Murdoch University and Szent István University.

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