Lodewijk Kleijn, Horizon11

Lodewijk Kleijn Horizon11 INdoor Ag-Conversations Webinar

Indoor Ag-Conversations speaker Lodewijk Kleijn is Partner at Horizon11 and co-founder at the Chesapeake Alliance.

Horizon11 focuses on feeding the world sustainably. Horzon11 helps leading and starting food companies harvest technology and experience to better serve their entire value chain.  Its primary focus is the Dutch Controlled Environment Agriculture sector and its international potential. This sector has a unique technological advance to produce healthy food with unparalleled yields with minimal land and water use.

The Chesapeake Alliance is a private sector CEA initiative that combines Dutch and Pennsylvania strengths.

Lodewijk has lived and worked on 3 continents, enjoyed organizing TEDx innovation summits and participates in the WEF in Davos.

His focus is on building new scale ups in sustainable agrifood.  He also focuses on ecosystem disruption to deliver nutritious, safe, resilient produce to consumers through short supply chains using controlled environment food systems.