Marcel is one of the founders of PlantLab and member of the Management Team of the company. With a focus on the plant related research with partners in all different fields. He likes to puzzle with plants and to apply there scientific, as well practical plant balance, approach to get the most out of it en transfer that into feasible applications.

PlantLab is an internationally operating company focused on growing plants in a controlled environment (Plant Production Units), without daylight, using a unique and worldwide patented combination of climate control and LED systems, based on mathematic models. Using our products, our clients are able to breed and harvest, completely independent from time and space restrictions.

The more control over the process, the better, stronger, more unique, tastier and safer the bred product will be. And the larger the contribution will be to a sustainable, better society, where we behave sensibly as regards to space, energy, water and food. The PlantLab knowhow and technology can be applied in a wide range of areas, such as plant breeding, Urban Farming and the manufacturing of pharmaceutical or cosmetic raw materials from plants.

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