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MFG Tray Highlights Top Designs

MFG Tray Indoor Ag-Con Exhibitor News:
MFG Tray Indoor Ag-Con Exhibitor NewsMFG Trays Can Be customized To Your Farming Needs

Indoor Ag-Con exhibitor MFG Vertical Farming’s products deliver exceptional durability and performance for all of your indoor farming needs. MFG Tray’s trays and containers flats, trays and containers are designed for growing supplies, seed trays, vertical farming displays and flood tables for use with edible, medical and landscaping plants. Unlike plastic trays and containers, our glass-reinforced composite products are dimensionally stable and will not bend or sag under heavy loads. Thanks to this strength, MFG Tray products can meet tall stacking heights to save space and streamline indoor growing. MFG Tray products can be customized to meet your farming needs. Customized options may include: slots and holes for irrigation, side or drop handles and cut-outs or recesses or lids and dollies to simplify transport.

Success in vertical farming results from a carefully balanced mix of pH, nutrients, light, temperature and humidity. Vertical farming demands precise control of environmental factors to produce crops consistently at any time of the year. MFG Tray meets these demands with a proven line of high-strength, technologically advanced products – from trays and flats to nesting containers and customized options.

>> Wide range of designs, depths, and sizes to meet growing requirements
>> High weight capacity and rigidity
>> Smooth, nonporous composite resists odors, chemicals, and mildew
>> Composite material won’t corrode, bend or contaminate
>> Outstanding performance and longevity
>> Won’t absorb moisture, bend, dent or sag
>> Easily cleaned in hot water or steam and can be sterilized
>> Customized options available
>> Easy handling and stacking
>> Temperature range continuous -60° to 250° F (-51° to 121° C)


MFG Tray’s New ULTRA LITE Totes and Containers Combine Lighter Weight With Legendary Strength

MFG Tray Indoor Ag-Con Exhibitor NewsNew product line is 40% lighter while retaining trusted strength and durability of MFG’s fiber glass reinforced composite.

Can an industrial container be made lighter and still retain its strength? That’s the challenge engineers at Molded Fiber Glass Tray have answered with the development of MFG Tray’s new ULTRA LITE totes and containers.

The new line of ULTRA LITE products are 40 percent lighter than standard fiberglass products while retaining the trusted strength and durability of MFG’s fiber glass reinforced composite, said Burt Hovis, MFG Tray material handling product line manager.

“ULTRA LITE is a direct result of customer requests to help improve shop ergonomics and lower shipping weight,” noted Hovis. “ULTRA LITE totes and containers answer industry-wide needs to reduce weight per container and to counter escalating shipping costs and weight.”

Hovis added that MFG Tray’s engineering team knew the finished product also had to be tough and long-lasting, similar to the company’s well-known MFG Tray brand.

“Even at 40% lighter, our new ULTRA LITE fiber glass products will be stronger than standard thermoplastic, can withstand temperatures from –60 to 250 F and are impervious to cutting oils, detergents, mild acids and alkaline solutions,” said Hovis


MFG Trays for Insect Rearing

Insect rearing facilities all over the world have use MFG Tray’s durable and dependable trays for over 40 years!

MFG Tray Indoor Ag-Con Exhibitor News>>Dimensionally stable and exceptional structural strength
>>Drop ends and/or sides increases air circulation and faster cooling for the larva
>>Conforms to FDA Regulation Title 21 CFR 177.2420
>>Interlock stacking increases drying room efficiency
>>Temperature range continuous -60° to 250° F (-51° to 121° C)
>>Won’t bend, dent or deflect under heavy loads
>>Smooth, non-porous surface is easy to steam clean or power wash
>>Heavy-duty dolly available

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