Michael Guttman, Kennett Township


Michael_Guttman_Kennett_TownshipMichael Guttman is Director of the Sustainable Development Office for Kennett Township, Pennsylvania.  He is also co-founder of Kennett’s new Center of Excellence (COE) for Indoor Agriculture.  Kennett is home to the ‘FungiPlex’, the center of US mushroom industry, producing and distributing 50% of the national crop, all of which is grown in indoor vertical farms and delivered fresh across the country within 48 hours by Kennett’s extensive ‘cold chain’ distribution infrastructure.  The COE seeks to leverage the world-class resources of the Kennett FungiPlex to accelerate the production and distribution of other indoor crops, such as leafy greens.  He can be reached by email at indoorag@kennett.pa.us.