MineARC Systems Case Study: Tissue Culture Room Helps Smash Avocado Research

Biora By MineARC Case-Study_Tissue-Culture-Room-Helps-Smash-Avocado-Research

Indoor Ag-Con 2021 Exhibitor Biora By MineARC Systems shares latest  case study.

The Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI) leads game-changing research into avocado propagation using plant tissue culture initiatives with the help of Biora Grow Rooms.

Plant tissue culture research is not uncommon. It has been utilized across different industries such as  food, forestry and horticulture, to address areas where traditional propagation techniques fall short.

In addition, tissue culture research is commonly focused on fruits such as apples, peaches, cherries, and plums. It  has the potential to revolutionize such a vital industry. With the world’s population expected to double by 2050 and plant disease being a significant threat to food security, reducing yield, and negatively impacting global food production.

Finding solutions to cope with these challenges has been a priority for QAAFI. Avocados are more than a millennial obsession; they have been a global driver of economic growth. The commercial viability, combined with the need to protect sustainable food sources, drove QAAFI to invest in tissue culture research for avocado propagation.

Key Takeaways

  • Leading tissue culture research into avocado propagation aim to make the industry more sustainable
  • Portable plant tissue culture rooms provide a viable alternative to built-in laboratories for universities
  • Customizable and technology advanced designs are driving the future of plant research across Australia
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MineARC Systems Case-Study_Tissue-Culture-Room-Helps-Smash-Avocado-Research

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