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More Choices | New Jiffy Essence and Jiffy Finesse Growbags

Jiffy Essense Grow BagsJiffy has doubled its range of growbags. Now it’s easier than ever for plant propagators and growers to meet their crops’ needs and boost yields.

New Jiffy Essence Growbags: the perfect budget choice

Jiffy Essence is our new standard range of growbags. Filled with Jiffy’s high-quality peat-free substrate, Jiffy Essence Growbags are delivered ready to be rinsed and treated by the end user. That way propagators and growers can save costs and meet the exact needs of their crops. Recommended for tomatoes, cut flowers, hemp, etc. Jiffy Essence Growbags are OMRI-listed, ISO-certified, and are suitable for USDA-certified organic produce.

Jiffy’s premium growbags now called Jiffy Finesse

Jiffy Essence is the little brother to our premium range, the famous growbags Jiffy has produced for years. The premium range is now called Jiffy Finesse, to make it easier to differentiate. Jiffy Finesse Growbags are ready-to-use: no rinsing or treatment is required. Best for sweet peppers, soft fruit cultivated in high-tech growing systems, and other demanding crops.

Note: All Jiffy Essence and Jiffy Finesse Growbags are made from exactly the same raw materials: 100% high-quality coir made from the pithy tissues of the coconut husk. Our coir is a renewable, eco-friendly substrate with no disposability issues.

So what’s changed exactly?

Jiffy Essence is our brand-new range. Jiffy Essence Growbags contain our high-quality coir, but this has not been treated. The end-user must rinse it and may choose to treat it before use.

When it comes to Jiffy Finesse, nothing has changed – except the name. Our high-end, RHP certified growbags are now called Jiffy Finesse. They are guaranteed low in sodium and chloride thanks to our RHP-certified treatment process. Their optimized EC levels ensure the best possible yields.

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